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“I chose KW as I believed it would be a place where I could always continue to grow. I’m so glad that I did! I have been given and earned opportunities outside of just selling homes. I get to affect and change others in a positive way, which adds more value into my world.”

Aaron Powers

Keller Williams Southern Nevada

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“Keller Williams is built on a foundation of Culture. We grow and share, we come from abundance and support our communities. Culture is doing the right thing always and lifting others up. It’s seeing the best in any situation or person, believing in ourselves and others.”

Ty Lusk 

Keller Williams Integrity First 

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“Keller Williams has not only created a culture of family, care and that of charity, it's also created a culture of production.  That's what I love most about us... not only do we genuinely care, we work daily to lift up the industry and produce results. ”

Julie Youngblood

Keller Williams Las Vegas 

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“I love KW and have been with them for 5 years. I chose KW because of how much they have to offer as a whole. They provide great Ethics, Values, Education and the list goes on. MOST of ALL I love the family feel. My KW Family ROCKS!”

Kalene Norman

Keller Williams Arizona Living Realty 

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“As a 20 year REMAX veteran, I enrolled in the Executive Leadership curriculum offered by Keller Williams. In three short years KW took me from $40M to $200M in annual production and a team of 6 to a team of 40, ranking me #6 in the world for Keller Williams. I am now expanding my team and running a real estate business that has positioned me to grow my world so big that it allows for me and those in my world to live the biggest life possible!”

Andrew Bloom

Keller Williams Arizona Realty 

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"I started my career at KW and after 7 years I decided to move to a low cost brokerage.  I spent 10 years away from KW before I realized that the missing piece of the puzzle in my growth plan was my environment.  Moving back to KW in 2019 was a pivotal move for my real estate career.  The people you surround yourself with are crucial to your success.  I wanted to be back in an environment where the conversations were high level and challenged me to continue to grow and push my limits.  KW is not simply a brokerage, it is a lifestyle where opportunities to grow and learn are endless if you chose to take advantage of it.  "

Cari Gilliland 

Keller Williams Integrity First 


"These are the 3 reasons I chose Keller Williams Biltmore Partners and am thrilled to be a top-producing agent here. Before I started my career at KWBP, I'd never been able to say "I love my career!" I envied those who did. I now love my work as a real estate professional and team leader. KWBP has provided an incredible environment for me to continue growing as a leader with purpose."

Jeffry Klein

Keller Williams Biltmore Partners


"I have had the opportunity to partner with KW for the past 5 years. I joined KW knowing nothing about real estate but it became apparent quickly that this was a company that was passionate about culture, training, education, support and accountability. They are a growth minded company that is always looking ahead and is committed to taking people with them."

Steve Petrauschke

Keller Williams Arizona Living Realty


"When I first interviewed with the KW team leader, I thought ‘if this culture is half as great as she says, I’ll be happy!‘  Much to my surprise, she was not at all exaggerating. In fact to my pleasant surprise I found it to be everything she said and more.  Over the years I remain as sure as I was on day 1 that this is an amazing place with amazing opportunities and amazing people! "

Jenna Heisser

Keller Williams Group One Sparks


"I am proud to be a part of an organization like Keller Williams, that cares so much about the people that represent it. The ever evolving and improving systems and technology that KW makes available to support every agent to use at no additional cost enables us to be the best and provide the best customer experience for our clients. Here there are no excuses, only solutions. Keller Williams gives us the tools to succeed."

Michelle Arnold

Keller Williams Realty Yuma

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